Econews – October to December 2013, Vol.19, No.3

October - December, 2013 Cover copy

Please click the below link to read / download the edition

Econews – Oct-Dec 2013,Vol.19.N0.3

On the inner page of this edition of Eco News, you will see five websites listed: is the new name for this publication which will cease to be printed from April 2014. It will be an online magazine and there is no charge for subscription. The reason for this change is because it has become difficult to get tree-free paper and we do not believe in cutting trees to say “Don’t Cut A Tree”. However, those who have paid for the subscription of Eco News will continue to receive it till their subscription period is over.

We have also started a website It is an online magazine of little known areas of Indian heritage, both manmade and natural. This too is a free website to which I hope you will subscribe. We already have a large list of interested scholars and
public who have subscribed to this website. lists, in question-answer format, the various laws to protect the environment, wildlife and animals. is a website about the “Ecological Traditions of India and Sacred Sites”. It is a cornucopia of information.

And tells you about C.P.R. Environmental Education Centre. Our educational publications are also freely available online.

This issue starts with the importance about the ambient air quality which is a major concern, particularly during the Diwali season, when bronchitis and asthma cases increase. The habit of bursting crackers was introduced by the British and did not exist before. The
word “deepavali” – shortened to “divali” – means a row of lights.

And the rest of ECONEWS is about various aspects of biodiversity, a diminishing resource today.

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